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Hand Drums

Hand drums are a lot of fun! Collect a few drums, meet with a few friends, and you'll have a drum circle going in no time.

On the recording side, if you have a program that plays soundfonts (I'm using GarageBand 1.1), you can play all the instruments on your own. You - the drum circle! Cool!

To create these soundfonts, I recorded various hits on the following: Remo Djembe 14", Toca Mini Djembe, Natural Wooden Drum from the Islands, Homemade PVC Drum, and two Shekeres...

The results are interesting... not always as real as I might have liked... but definitely alive with possibility.

Hope you enjoy playing. Have fun!

About the Soundfonts:
Each soundfont has several programs. Some programs map a single sound across the keyboard, while others divide the keyboard into 3 or 4 zones with a single hit mapped to each zone. Most programs have a five octave range.

Listen to the Demos:
RemoDjembe.mp3  (375K)
TocaAndNatural.mp3  (368K)
ShekeresAndPVC.mp3  (364K)

Download the soundfonts:

Permissions Given:
You may freely use these soundfonts when recording songs and creating music. You may also share these soundfonts with students or friends.

Please don't sell these soundfonts, or the embedded sounds. They are freely given.

These sounds are mono and center-panned. To create a drum circle effect, use several drums and pan them to different locations in the stereo field.

GarageBand 1.1 users...
Place these soundfonts in...Macintosh HD / library / audio / sound / banks. GarageBand will then recognize them as DLS Music Devices. You will probably want to turn the reverb down in the DLS Music Device box that pops up when choosing which soundfont to play. You can always add reverb later when editing the tracks.


Copyright 2004 Steve Mugglin
Permission is given to make not-for-profit copies of these soundfonts.

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