Computers can use fractals to make some very interesting drawings.
There are many places on the web where you can see fractal-generated art.
Some of the results are beautiful, even breathtaking.

Fractals can also be used to create interesting backgrounds.
The title banner at the top of this page has a fractal background.
When you design graphics for your web site, consider the places where
you might use a fractal image to add energy and interest.

The following fractals are yours to use royalty-free.

Click on any one of the fractal images below. A new
window will open and a larger version will be displayed.
If you like the larger image, right click and save it.

Open the saved fractal in an art or image-editing program.
Crop out a section of the fractal to use as a background.
Adjust the colors... add effects... add text, etc.

Have fun!

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The work of Stephen Ferguson is gratefully acknowledged, whose
programs, Tierazon and Sterlingware, were used to draw these fractals.

Fractal Backgrounds is part of

Copyright 2004 Steve Mugglin

Permission is given to use these fractals royalty-free.