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Part Seventeen

This is an on-going project.

We’re hoping to add new materials in the future.

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The material in Section 1 (Parts 1-12),
with the (Major Key) Chord Charts and
Maps, is available as a PDF eBook.
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Read offline on your computer or tablet.

Music Tools for People
An Interactive, Playable Version of 
The Big Map (for Windows computers)

Allows you to hear and see the chords
presented in The Big Map.

Free Trial available to test on your computer.
When buying the Full Version, choose your own price.


Other Resources

Designed for iPad, this Midi Controller 
app allows you to play and explore 
melody lines, bass lines, simple and
complex chord progressions, in major 
and minor keys, all by tapping with 
just one or two fingers.

For iPad - iOS 8.0 or higher
Also works on iPad Pro
Full-size iPad or iPad Pro recommended
First Steps in Keyboard
Learn to play chords.
Downloadable PDF eBook Series 
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