Frequently Asked Questions

1 - Are you planning to make an Android version?

Not at the present time. Our focus right now is on the iOS platform.

2 - Why do I sometimes hear notes being dropped that I thought would be playing?

There are two situations we've come across where expected notes may not sound.

One is when the MIDI synthesizer app receiving the signals doesn't respond fast enough to play all of the notes sent and therefore ignores some of the sent notes.

The second situation can happen when ChordMaps2 is set up with more than one sound sending signals over the same MIDI channel. If the MIDI channels for Melody Sound 1, Chord Sound 1, and the Bass Sound are all set to channel 1, then it's possible that the chord sound may be playing a particular set of notes, and the melody note, moving around on the Melody Keyboard, may land on one of the notes currently being played by the chord. When the melody note is released, it sends a note off signal for that note.

This is similar to playing an acoustic piano, holding a chord with your left hand, and then wanting to play a melody note with your right hand that is in the chord your left hand is holding down. You would have to let go of the note with your left hand in order to play it with your right hand. Then when you release the note with your right hand, it won't be held down by either hand.

If this situation is not desired, you can set up ChordMaps2 to send MIDI signals on separate channels, and use multiple instances of the sound program. For example, in ThumbJam, you can place the same sound in three different slots responding to MIDI channels 1, 2, and 3. Then when a note off is received on channel 3, it won't automatically remove a note playing on channel 1.

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